Vancouver Sober Host: We provide discreet and intensive 24-hour guest services for the professional traveler while on location in Vancouver and British Columbia. Our priority is to keep our guest clean and sober no matter the drug of choice or behavior concerns, for the entirety of their stay.

Our Clients: Agents, studio reps and family members of adult professionals in the film industry, music industry and public life.

Our Guests: Men and women either new to sobriety or with some time under their belt that require confidential and experienced liaison with a trustworthy entourage while on location in Canada.

Who we are not: We are not affiliated with any other group or any specific fellowship. We are focused solely on the well being of your client: our guest. Specifically we do not over book services in any way that might hamper our ability to provide your client the very best care possible.

Our Promise: We guarantee that with our guest’s agreement to work together with us, their own sobriety will also continue to work even though they are away from home and from the support networks that they might already have in place.